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Devil Child

Perhaps it’s a bit odd to think of an ill-spirited child around the holidays, but hear me out.

As much as I love style and geekdom, the holiday season is about being around the people you love (thanks, Bill Nighy in Love, Actually!). Holiday parties tend to stress me out (what do I bring? Is there a White Elephant gift exchange? Where is it? And most importantly, what do I wear?!), so when I make the decision as to which ones to attend each year, sorting out a party-perfect outfit is perhaps the least stressful aspect. It’s a wonderful thing: when I feel I look amazing, my nerves are calmed, and meeting new people seems less daunting. The joy of being an introvert.

When you’re a geek, you’re often in and out of fandoms. That’s not to say you stop caring for a book, a game, a TV show, or a movie altogether, but there are times in your life where you might care for Star Wars more than Star Trek, or Fallout instead of Final Fantasy. But I’m pleased to realize that since I became a fan of One Piece , I’ve had a consistent, yet growing group of friends I can rely on. Not just to see their faces, share rooms, and attend parties at conventions, but whom I can connect with about nearly anything. So, when two of these dear friends decided to have a holiday party in the next state over, I knew a One Piece inspired look was the only option. I normally dress as Nico Robin or Boa Hancock at anime conventions (but those costumes are for another post!), but I tend to identify with the so-called “Devil Child” versus the Pirate Empress. A love of research, hot drinks, and the overall feeling of mothering her friends, and you get a reasonably accurate look of what I’m like with my fandom crew.



Because I’m a lady, that’s why.

I’m definitely a cat person. I grew up with two as a child, and two more as an adult. I’m the one who becomes best friends with the cat while at parties (I can’t help it, they’re often so distracting!) and feel that my day isn’t complete without a furry, purring bundle on my lap. So it’s not too much of a stretch that The Aristocats is one of my favorite Disney films. Additionally, French was one of my strongest subjects from grade school through university. I most likely would have pursued it as a major, if I hadn’t wanted to complete an English Literature degree. So, lots of cats + 1900s Paris = a match made in heaven!

I fell in love with this pretty Torrid dress as soon as it was posted online, and this cute look soon followed.



May the force be with you…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives this week.

Now that I’ve got your attention, it’s impossible not to notice the frenzy. I expected toys and t-shirts promoting the new film, but I didn’t expect couture , more couture , cosmetics , or a $135k gold and diamond BB-8 . Of course, there are affordable fashion options too. In short, it’s a great time to love style and Star Wars.

However, plus sizes can feel a bit limited when it comes to the lightsaber love. In the past I’ve felt cheated, seeing pretty skirts, jackets, and dresses made for smaller sizes with nothing above an XL. Occasionally plus sizes are given options, such as a t-shirt or a pair of leggings, but hardly the same selection. Yet 2015 has truly been the year of geek style, and I hope 2016 will be even better for all sizes.

That’s where Her Universe comes in.



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