November 2016 archive

In the Name of the Moon!


It’s not strange that Sailor Moon was my first anime. That could be said for many women who grew up with the original Toonami, or even earlier than that with early morning DIC dubbed broadcasts of Sailor Moon. What I do find strange is that it took until the 20th anniversary of Sailor Moon and the promotion of a new remake of Usagi’s story to finally see a surge in senshi style. Many of us wanted to become a pretty soldier and we all have our favorites, but beyond telling others of our favorite magical girl (fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, and more come to mind), there wasn’t much out there beyond a keychain or a patch that we could show the world how much we love and appreciate Sailor Moon. Until now.

I wear a lot of Hot Topic clothing and accessories in my posts. It’s of no surprise that Hot Topic (and their sister company, Torrid) seem to have a monopoly on the big business of geek fashion. The recent acquisition of Her Universe by Hot Topic for future releases also bodes well for the retail giant for the future of fandom style (though I’m eager to see what ThinkGeek has come up with their new Star Trek by Her Universe line, debuting Tuesday 11/15!). And while Hot Topic’s Studio Ghibli by Her Universe pieces offer fans something beyond a t-shirt and a hooded sweatshirt, I find that where Hot Topic suffers in geek fashion options lies with their anime offerings.  We’ll get a skirt here, a dress there, but not much else. So when this Sailor Moon dress was released for both regular and plus sizes, I didn’t hesitate to add it to my closet!


Part Of Your World


I’ll be honest: if I was Ariel, my first thought once acquiring human legs wouldn’t be to find a prince. It would be to finally try on awesome pairs of jeans and heels that, until now, I wouldn’t have dreamed of being able to wear. Because yes, while falling in love with a prince is great, falling in love with the perfect fitting pair of jeans is like finding your soulmate.

At least that’s what I tell myself every time I try on a pair of jeans from Target’s Ava & Viv Collection. We all have our reasons for hitting up the retail giant. Mine usually involve picking up a new tub of Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (fantastic for normal to dry skin for waking up hydrated) or Merona tank tops (perfect for layering. Their tees, tanks, and long sleeve tees fit me perfectly in XXL!). However, when I need a pair of jeans in a pinch, I simply search for Ava & Viv jeans in my size, in the cut I need. The denim is thick but has stretch and I’ve yet to wear out the inner thighs (a definite perk when you’re plus sized!). On sale or not, the price is difficult to beat. While they don’t have a wide variety of colors most of the time, it’s a great place to stock up on your blue denim of all shades.

So while the sea has a hot crustacean band, I think Ariel would marvel at all the items she could add to her collection. Like these jeans and purple suede wedges (throwback to her seashell bikini!). Think of all the shoes she could hoard and Prince Eric becomes an afterthought.


Romance with a glass of wine


After I did this shoot, I was in the mood for a glass of wine. With all the wine tones in this look, I’m sure you understand.

I happened to not have any Halloween-specific plans last weekend, which for me is a bit weird. It’s my favorite holiday, and being a cosplayer I have a closet full of outfits to choose from. But with my day job and working to restart and commit to Geek & Chic, I felt uninspired to throw on an easy-to-wear costume and hit the bar or club scene. Instead, I put together this Nightmare Before Christmas themed look: themed, but not costume-y. I like how the jacket and shorts, while in different fabrics, give the illusion of a suit made for going out.

That said, after this was shot, I went for a fondue dinner as I thought it was far away from bars and clubs where Halloween costumes were running rampant. To my surprise, many of the fellow diners were not only in costume, but loved my skull tights. C’est la vie, that’ll teach me to assume no one would be in costume at dinner!

I’ll probably put some costume features here this month (including an outfit from a very popular mobile game right now!), but the focus here is fashion. And with this lightweight top with Jack and Sally, it’s something I want to wear over and over. Here it is styled for Halloween, but check back next month to see it holiday party-appropriate. It’ll stand out in the sea of LBDs.