Quidditch or Hogsmeade…why not both?

So, it’s been a minute since I’ve published something new.

I needed a hiatus, to refocus my blog, learn a bit more about professional social media, and most importantly, listen to my creative voice. Personal style and blogs are exploding over the internet, especially geek style, and that’s great! We’re able to learn from each other and get inspired by one another.

But it can be overwhelming at times. How can I be sure my content is unique? Will people notice my content if there’s so many other influencers out there? And perhaps over the course of 2016…how do you even keep up with all of these new collaboration collections!?

Between Hot TopicTorridThink GeekHer UniverseBox Lunch, We Love Fine, independent designers on Etsy, and so many emerging plus size retailers…it can be difficult to pick and choose what we want to add to our closets. In the past month alone we’ve seen releases for Once Upon a Time, Marvel (in collaboration with Her Universe), Outlander, and most recently at TorridNever Land, a collection inspired by Disney’s Peter Pan. And if you’re like me, you like to mix and match your geeky pieces with closet staples and other eye-catching pieces from other brands which may not necessarily be geek themed.

The secret? You don’t have to. You can shop your closet to mix and match for new inspiration. There’s no harm or foul in that. And when you’re choosing what to wear for hanging out with friends, for work, for a date, or a special occasion, you won’t be showing up in the same outfit as another geek fashionista.

And that’s what I challenged myself to do for the first post back on the blog.


If WhoWhatWear is any indication, denim jackets are officially back. Specifically, denim jackets that are anything but uniform. Patches, embroidery, bling, you name it. Sure, you could buy a jacket in store with patches already artfully arranged, but it’s not as fresh and tailored to you!

Of course, after checking out instagram and other bloggers, I immediately rushed to my closet and pulled out this jacket. I’ve had it for almost 15(!!!) years in my closet, back from the olden days where you could find Harry Potter merchandise at the WB store, Hallmark, and almost nowhere else. This jacket came from the WB store, and I added the Gryffindor quidditch patch (from the first two films) to the front myself. But the real star is the back!


Fully embroidered onto the back was the Hogwarts crest, which teenage me found to be the coolest thing in my wardrobe. I’m glad I didn’t throw this jacket out!

I paired it all with items at least a year old from my closet: a Gryffindor quidditch sweater replica from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a brocade skirt from Forever 21+, faux suede and leather booties from H&M, crossbody bag from Target, and Harry Potter Golden Snitch earrings from Hot Topic. Because while the denim jacket and sweater keeps you warm outside during a quidditch match, the skirt and booties are perfect for standing out in Hogsmeade. The only thing missing today is a mug of Butterbeer!

dsc_0586 dsc_0585 dsc_0584 dsc_0577

With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them coming out soon, I’m sure new Harry Potter fashion will follow. If you’re stocking up on patches and pins from Hot Topic and convention dealer’s room finds, why not customize your own jacket? Etsy is also a great source to shop for unique patches, like these anime patches from Akira and Sailor Moon, or this fun AT-AT Walk/Don’t Walk patch.

Have fun customizing your closet!


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