Have Courage and Be Kind

It’s New Years Eve, which is wonderful for three things: 1. champagne, 2. New Years resolutions, and 3. dressing up! I fell in love with the new Cinderella film from March this year. Belle had been my favorite princess as a young girl (and really, she still is) but the beautiful costumes and sets from Cinderella won me over. Everything looked so perfect and was precisely what I wanted from a Disney fairytale.

The motto from the movie, “Have courage and be kind”, has stuck with me throughout the year. It’s something I actively try to do, but also makes a great resolution for 2016 (Of course, getting into better shape, completing more costumes, seeing friends, and staying fashionable are also on the list). Don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t be afraid to forgive.

So, when the Hot Topic and Torrid Cinderella collection was released back in March, I knew the powder blue dress had to be mine. I’ve been holding onto it until New Years Eve, to celebrate properly while feeling, just a little bit, like a princess.


The shoes were, of course, an essential part of the outfit. I couldn’t decide if I wanted glitter, metallic, or both, so I opted for these beautiful ASOS heels. There are small pink and purple flowers on the heels, similar to the butterflies on Ella’s gown. A butterfly hairpin and a clock-shaped bag tie into the Cinderella theme.

I never considered wearing Cinderella’s gown…perhaps I should? What do you think?

In any case, I wish you a very happy 2016! I hope it’s courageous, kind, and perhaps with a little bit of magic.

cinderella13 cinderella8 cinderella11 cinderella25 cinderella22

Try not to lose your slipper at midnight!


All pictures by Keys Perspective

Dress – Torrid and Hot Topic

Shoes – ASOS

Bag – eBay, similar (in white and gold)

Earrings – Downton Abbey collection

Hairclip – Charming Charlie

Style/fit notes: I’m wearing a size 16 in this dress and it’s a tad snug (with shape wear, it’ll look a lot more smooth!). I usually wear a size 14 in Torrid. The shoes are a tad tight in the toes, but I’m wearing a regular width size. My makeup is from the Cinderella for MAC collection (eye palette, eyeliner, face highlighter, and lip gloss), and I’m wearing MAC pigment in Frost in my hair, and a combination of MAC Strobe Cream and Frost pigment on my chest.

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