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I love working out.

It’s no secret, I love lifting weights. I’ve been lifting for over half my life and began a cardio regimen a bit later on. Weights are my first fitness love, and there’s no better feeling for me than to complete a difficult lift or push my way through a plyometrics workout. But I’ve never been a fan of watching sports. I’m from St. Louis originally, so the Cardinals reaching the playoffs is a must-watch in my house, but otherwise I don’t shape my schedule by which team is playing when. Wrestling is the exception.

I never thought I’d be a fan, really. I got into watching it because my boyfriend is obsessed. He started watching the WWF as a child and kept up his interest into adulthood. I realized that I could simply write it off as a silly obsession (and never see him Mondays, Thursdays, and the occasional Sunday), or give it a try and learn why it interests him so much. And I get it now. A lot of it is a “work”, and pretty funny at times, but the stars of the WWE are talented athletes. For me, I took quickly to the Divas division, the women’s wrestling section of the organization (for those not in the know!). They’re a relatively new group compared to the men’s division and titles, but have consistently provided amazing matches in 2015 (Bayley vs. Sasha! Charlotte vs. Paige!). I knew I wanted to have some Divas love on the blog as soon as I began this project, and who better than my favorite Diva.


Paige is definitely the “anti-Diva”. She’s a bit of a heel now (that is, she plays dirty sometimes!), but she’s a great wrestler with a unique, punk-Camden town look. She’s also from the UK and enjoys a great pint at the pub, according to E!’s show Total Divas. Her ring gear is full of leather, studs, pops of blue and purple, dark hair with colored streaks, and dark eye makeup. She stands out among the rest of the roster and I couldn’t help but love her tough-girl edge. As she reminds you during each match she’s in: “THIS IS MY HOUSE!”. She owns her attitude and is entirely unapologetic for who she is, both in the ring and out. It’s something I think we could all stand to adapt sometimes, when it’s not wise to budge in our opinions.

I opted for shorts in a luxe fabric, velvet, to take Paige’s ring look to a holiday party. If you can’t find velvet, look for shorts with fun details or in a high quality fabric. Beaded designs or jacquard patterns are very festive.

The WWE Shop stocks shirts for all of their talent, but instead of a Paige t-shirt, I decided on this festive scarf with her signature “P” logo. A black sweater, leather and studs, layers of silver jewelry, and a daytime purple smoky eye rounds out the look.


paige11 paige6 paige13 paige5

All shots by ScottyxBlase

Jacket – Forever21+ (old), similar (w/o studs) , similar (front zip, non-pleather)

Shorts – Simply Be (old), similar (non-velvet, lace up detail) , similar (beaded detail)

Sweater – LOFT

Scarf – WWE Shop (on sale!)

Boots – Make Me Chic (old)similarsimilar , similar

Earrings – Hot Topic

Necklace – Rue21

Eye Makeup – Kat von D Innerstellar palette

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