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Have Courage and Be Kind

It’s New Years Eve, which is wonderful for three things: 1. champagne, 2. New Years resolutions, and 3. dressing up! I fell in love with the new Cinderella film from March this year. Belle had been my favorite princess as a young girl (and really, she still is) but the beautiful costumes and sets from Cinderella won me over. Everything looked so perfect and was precisely what I wanted from a Disney fairytale.

The motto from the movie, “Have courage and be kind”, has stuck with me throughout the year. It’s something I actively try to do, but also makes a great resolution for 2016 (Of course, getting into better shape, completing more costumes, seeing friends, and staying fashionable are also on the list). Don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t be afraid to forgive.

So, when the Hot Topic and Torrid Cinderella collection was released back in March, I knew the powder blue dress had to be mine. I’ve been holding onto it until New Years Eve, to celebrate properly while feeling, just a little bit, like a princess.



This is my house

I love working out.

It’s no secret, I love lifting weights. I’ve been lifting for over half my life and began a cardio regimen a bit later on. Weights are my first fitness love, and there’s no better feeling for me than to complete a difficult lift or push my way through a plyometrics workout. But I’ve never been a fan of watching sports. I’m from St. Louis originally, so the Cardinals reaching the playoffs is a must-watch in my house, but otherwise I don’t shape my schedule by which team is playing when. Wrestling is the exception.

I never thought I’d be a fan, really. I got into watching it because my boyfriend is obsessed. He started watching the WWF as a child and kept up his interest into adulthood. I realized that I could simply write it off as a silly obsession (and never see him Mondays, Thursdays, and the occasional Sunday), or give it a try and learn why it interests him so much. And I get it now. A lot of it is a “work”, and pretty funny at times, but the stars of the WWE are talented athletes. For me, I took quickly to the Divas division, the women’s wrestling section of the organization (for those not in the know!). They’re a relatively new group compared to the men’s division and titles, but have consistently provided amazing matches in 2015 (Bayley vs. Sasha! Charlotte vs. Paige!). I knew I wanted to have some Divas love on the blog as soon as I began this project, and who better than my favorite Diva.



Making Christmas La La La!

It’s Christmas day, which means presents, food, family, friends, and most often, fashion! Geek and Chic Plus is very new, but I wanted to surprise you with a fun Christmas look anyway. Like the R2-D2 inspired outfit from yesterday, it was warm, sunny, and definitely resembling spring more than winter when I styled this look. But I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite holiday movies (Halloween and Christmas, of course!): The Nightmare Before Christmas.

I was surprised to find this dress at all, much less from places like Hot Topic and Torrid. Over the years I feel like both companies are slowly becoming more geek-friendly, and the involvement of Her Universe has definitely helped. The Hot Topic I remember from my middle and high school days seems to be a thing of the past, but I’m not complaining. I feel excited to step into their stores, and very welcomed when I do.

So, when a clothing collection starring Jack Skellington, Sally, and their Halloweentown crew hit stores and online, I couldn’t resist snapping up a piece or two.



This is not the droid you’re looking for…

I’m going to take a guess and say most of you have seen The Force Awakens, right? Possibly more than once? While I’ve only seen it once (so far! Life got in the way this week), I can’t help but love the droids and other robots of the Star Wars universe. I know many fans are delighted by BB-8 (so am I! Naturally, a BB-8 look is coming soon!), but R2-D2 was always my first favorite character. Without human speech, he was given a fun, unpredictable personality, and makes a great mascot for the franchise.

Speaking of unpredictability, that’s precisely what I ran into while styling and shooting this look. This was shot in December, and it was much too warm for the coordinating coat and stockings I’d planned to wear with this ensemble. It was nearly too warm for the sweater, but I stuck it out anyway (and drank a lot of iced drinks). Sometimes you just have to work with what life throws at you. R2-D2 certainly does.



Devil Child

Perhaps it’s a bit odd to think of an ill-spirited child around the holidays, but hear me out.

As much as I love style and geekdom, the holiday season is about being around the people you love (thanks, Bill Nighy in Love, Actually!). Holiday parties tend to stress me out (what do I bring? Is there a White Elephant gift exchange? Where is it? And most importantly, what do I wear?!), so when I make the decision as to which ones to attend each year, sorting out a party-perfect outfit is perhaps the least stressful aspect. It’s a wonderful thing: when I feel I look amazing, my nerves are calmed, and meeting new people seems less daunting. The joy of being an introvert.

When you’re a geek, you’re often in and out of fandoms. That’s not to say you stop caring for a book, a game, a TV show, or a movie altogether, but there are times in your life where you might care for Star Wars more than Star Trek, or Fallout instead of Final Fantasy. But I’m pleased to realize that since I became a fan of One Piece , I’ve had a consistent, yet growing group of friends I can rely on. Not just to see their faces, share rooms, and attend parties at conventions, but whom I can connect with about nearly anything. So, when two of these dear friends decided to have a holiday party in the next state over, I knew a One Piece inspired look was the only option. I normally dress as Nico Robin or Boa Hancock at anime conventions (but those costumes are for another post!), but I tend to identify with the so-called “Devil Child” versus the Pirate Empress. A love of research, hot drinks, and the overall feeling of mothering her friends, and you get a reasonably accurate look of what I’m like with my fandom crew.



Because I’m a lady, that’s why.

I’m definitely a cat person. I grew up with two as a child, and two more as an adult. I’m the one who becomes best friends with the cat while at parties (I can’t help it, they’re often so distracting!) and feel that my day isn’t complete without a furry, purring bundle on my lap. So it’s not too much of a stretch that The Aristocats is one of my favorite Disney films. Additionally, French was one of my strongest subjects from grade school through university. I most likely would have pursued it as a major, if I hadn’t wanted to complete an English Literature degree. So, lots of cats + 1900s Paris = a match made in heaven!

I fell in love with this pretty Torrid dress as soon as it was posted online, and this cute look soon followed.



May the force be with you…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens arrives this week.

Now that I’ve got your attention, it’s impossible not to notice the frenzy. I expected toys and t-shirts promoting the new film, but I didn’t expect couture , more couture , cosmetics , or a $135k gold and diamond BB-8 . Of course, there are affordable fashion options too. In short, it’s a great time to love style and Star Wars.

However, plus sizes can feel a bit limited when it comes to the lightsaber love. In the past I’ve felt cheated, seeing pretty skirts, jackets, and dresses made for smaller sizes with nothing above an XL. Occasionally plus sizes are given options, such as a t-shirt or a pair of leggings, but hardly the same selection. Yet 2015 has truly been the year of geek style, and I hope 2016 will be even better for all sizes.

That’s where Her Universe comes in.